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Beating The Winter Blues With Light Therapy

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Beating the winter blues with light therapy. This video by Dr Clive Spiegel, a professor of Psychiatry, is a great resource if you want to learn more about the ‘Winter Blues’ and ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’. Whilst most people associate Seasonal Affective Disorder with Winter, you may be surprised to know that you can also suffer during the Summer months with symptoms such as insomnia.

Sad Blue Light Review

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Featured Sad Light Box, Philips goLITE

Golite blueSad Blue Light Review 2010. Winter is definitely upon us now, so you will probably want to invest in a SAD blue light. We make it our business to find you the best value for money and most effective SAD lights on the market right now. If you are in a hurry, here are the links to our favourite Seasonal Affective Disorder light boxes in UK, US & Canada:

>>>>Find out more about the Philips Golite Blu light therapy lamp (US & Canada)

>>>>Learn more about Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light (UK)

The Philips golite Sad lamp ticks all the boxes for me. Firstly, it boasts using the latest light therapy technology with the lamp being made up of a mass of small blue LED lights.

This sexy little light has the full 10,000 Lux light output that is recommended by medical professionals for the maxiumum benefits, with the blue light therapy solving the problem of a nasty glare from the lamp that can harm eyesight and cause unwanted headaches.

The Philips goLITE BLU is truly beautiful if you can really say that about a light! It is small, stylish, and can be taken just about anywhere. I have found it especially useful when going on holiday as it helps me to adjust to the time zone differences.

This sad light box can be adjusted to suit your needs. It has a light output intensity setting, a clock and timer setting to make sure that you don’t overdo your light therapy treatment, and the latest model has an improved wider field of light so that you can get on with other activites whilst using the SAD desk lamp.

Light therapy treatment is extremely powerful. I had personally suffered with Seasonal Affective Disorder every winter since as far back as I can remember until last year when I decided to invest in a Philips lightbox. I have to say that now I would never go through a winter in the UK without one again!

We found lots of glowing reviews on the Philips golite, and to date it is still the most popular SAD light of 2010. Here is just one of many reviews that we have gathered:

After 10 days of use, I noticed a “mood” change – just a slight shift that something positive was happening. With continued use, I can get out of bed by 5:45 AM and get going which is a HUGE change in the right direction.

“I recommend the product highly because it is a “proactive” solution for my problem living in a gray city.”
Ann, Seattle

>>>>Find out more about the Philips Golite Blu light therapy lamp (US & Canada)

>>>>Learn more about Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light (UK)

Trust me, Philips know what they are doing when it comes to light technology, and this great little light is no exception!

Philips goLITE Review

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Featured Sad Light Box, Philips goLITE

Philips goLITEIf you are looking for information and product reviews on the Go Lite Sad Therapy Light Box then you have come to the right place. The Go Lite happens to be one of the Sad Light Box Review teams favourites. If you are in a hurry, here are the links to the cheapest Go lites that we could find in the UK, US and Canada.

>>>>Find out more about Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light (US only)

>>>>Find out more about Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy Light (UK only)

The golite lights therapy box by Philips is one of the most innovative of its kind. It ticks all of the boxes for us, and here’s why.

Firstly, it is a mid range priced product, so it wont break the bank. At the moment it is 50% at our UK source, and is as competitively priced in the US.

You may have heard good reviews about the goLITE p1. This was one of Philips earlier models that sold out almost everywhere.

The new goLITE HF3330 shown above is the lastest Philips sad box. The goLITE uses blue light tehcnology unlike other lower range sad light boxes that use white light. Blue light is specifically important to the success of sad light therapy treatment because there are special light receptors in our eyes that respond most efficiently to the blue part of the light spectrum.

The Sad Light Box Therapy Review team also found that the Philips goLITE blu produced the fastest results, with users depressive symptoms being alleviated in as little as 3 days just by using the light for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. This was much faster than other lightbox products that we tested (such as the Apollo GoLITE that is a variant on the original Philips goLITE).

We love the Philips golite blu light because it can be taken anywhere and used anywhere. Alot of the sad light boxes on the market are larger and clunkier models which are not great for everyday use. Consumers often buy these instead of the compact models because they believe that the larger surface area of light is more beneficial to the smaller light panel. To put it plainly, this is not true, especially with the Philips golite blue.

The goLITE HF3330 has a new wider field of light that allows you to engage in other activites whilst getting your light therapy. This is brilliant otherwise getting your quota of daily light could seriously set you back and make you late. Instead you can now get ready, eat your breakfast or catch up on your emails whilst sitting in front of the goLITE.

Don’t just take our words as gospel on how highly we recommend the Philips goLITE. Here is a review that we sourced from a customer who took a ‘break’ from using thier goLITE to see if it had really made a difference in altering the levels of serotonin in the body, or whether it was all just a placebo:

“Edit 23-2-10: I tried out a week of not using it to see what would happen (a ‘control’ week, if you like), and the effects were noticeable, even though they crept up on me rather slowly; I became rather irritable and tired after 5 or 6 days – snapping rather unpleasantly at loved ones, and I found it hard to get to sleep. Rather than continue the misery I switched on the light again, and three days later I’m feeling a lot better for it again.”
L. Hennessy, London, 3 Dec 2009

Whether you have tried Seasonal Affective Disorder lightboxes before and have not found the right one for you, or if you are a beginner and want to make the right investment without wasting lots of your hard earned cash, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the Philips Golite to see just how well it will fit into your lifestyle.

>>>>Find out more about Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light (US only)

>>>>Find out more about Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy Light (UK only)

Additional Philips goLITE tips and news

If you are planning on using the Philips goLITE blue light therapy box, and it is your very first experience of sitting in front of blue light, I recommend a few ways of getting your body used to the change in light frequency.

Firstly, if you can, start using your Philips goLITE over a weekend. I say this because if you use it for the first time on a normal working day, there is a small chance that you will experience some mild side effects – usually either a headache or slightly blurred vision. I hasten to reassure you that this is all perfectly normal, and the symptoms will subside in a few days (if you get them at all).

If you are severely affected after light therapy treatment, try taking some painkillers and wait 2 days before starting light therapy again. If symptoms persist, it is only then necessary to see your doctor as a precaution.

Another way to avoid headaches is to ease yourself into light therapy gradually. Start by using your light on its lowest setting (if it has a light adjustment setting). Then build up to the light level that is most comfortable for you over a period of a week.

If you suspect or you find that you are particularly light sensitive, try opting for a dawn simulator sad alarm clock to begin with. This is a milder version and will get you out of bed in the morning with lots of energy and in a good mood no matter what the weather is outside. Here are two of our favourite SAD alarm clocks:

>>>>See more about Philips HF3463 Wake-Up Light With Radio Alarm (UK only)

>>>>NatureBright Dia2 Blue Light and Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock (US only)

>>>>learn more about iBoutique Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock (UK only)

If this works well for you, but you still need help to alleviate unwanted depressive or fatigue symptoms, then try using a light box with a maximum of 10000 Lux.

Most of all, enjoy being bathed in light!

>>>>Find out more about Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light (US only)

>>>>Find out more about Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy Light (UK only)

Extra goLITE sites and resources

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What is proven, on the other hand, is that light affects those circadian rhythms shared by all living things. And so, naturally, the goLITE BLUE is all over that.