Sad Alarm Clock Review

Sad Light Alarm ClockIf you are searching for a sad alarm clock then you have come to the right site. I will if I may suggest a light therapy alarm clock or two that will suit any budget and need. In a hurry? Here are the links to our best sad light alarm clocks:

>>>>See more about Philips HF3463 Wake-Up Light With Radio Alarm (UK only)

>>>>NatureBright Dia2 Blue Light and Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock (US and Canada only)

>>>>learn more about iBoutique Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock (UK only)

The three sad alarm clocks above are our top 3 products on the market at the moment. The Philips sad alarm clock HF3463 Wake-Up Light With Radio Alarm has is my personal favourite. This one ticks all of the boxes for us. It can be set up to 300 Lux, which is very bright and is only advised for people who sleep extremely soundly.

Philips are of course a global brand with over 20 years of experience in creating Seasonal Affective Disorder light boxes and alarm clocks. Philips always offer a minimum of 2 years warranty with thier products so that you can be confident that they repair or replace any faulty lights.

The main reason why the Sad Light Box Review team like this product so much is because it can be set to either your favourite radio station, a gentle beep, or even better you can listen to soothing birdsong or other natural sounds as you wake.

The Philips sad alarm clock takes half an hour to gently brighten up and increased to your maximum volume settings. It’s the closest thing to sleeping out under the stars that we have ever seen.

The Philips Wake-up light has so many brilliant reviews all over the internet. Here’s just one of many that we collated:

“This clock is brilliant, I use it every weekday morning and the gentle increase in light has us both awake before the need for any sounds. You wake up feeling a lot fresher and your eyes aren’t as sore than regular wake up methods.”
Ms. L. Mostefa, 23 Nov 2009

Close runners up are NatureBright Dia2 Blue Light and Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock and the iBoutique Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock.

The NatureBright (available in the US and Canada) is another firm favourite. Firstly, it mimics a sunny blue sky with its optimal wavelength of blue light and high colour temperature. Even if it’s dull and grey outside, it will feel like the middle of summer in your bedroom!

The Dia2 Blue light and dawn simulator alarm clock is perfect for use as a sad light sunrise alarm clock blue light, or as a regular light box for use around the house (it has a maximum of 4500 Lux to suit all therapy needs).

The voting panel at Sad Light Box Review prefer this product to others in the US because it has so many functions. It is also recommended by “the sleep doctor” Michael Breus PHD. Here’s just one of many great customer reviews that we found:

“I’ll admit I have more than your average tiredness factor, because of chronic illness. So giving me a more energized start to my day is a pretty tall order. I am thrilled to report, though, that this light therapy device did just that!

I especially love the SUNRISE setting, where you can set it to gently increase in brightness over a set period of time (30 or 60 minutes, for example) BEFORE you are getting up.”
B.Murray, March 11 2010

Last but not least, there is the iBoutique Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock. This one is for people on more of a tight budget – it is reduced to £24.99 at the moment. This brilliant little light has a 1 year warranty and a 90 day money-back guarantee so you can really test drive it out.

The iBoutique has 15 blue LED lights built in to gently wake you up over 20 minutes. It’s great for people who suffer from S.A.D. check it out to see the great reviews. Here’s just one of many reports on this sad alarm clock:

“A nice little clock with a pleasing wake up light. I was also impressed with the seller’s customer service. I had a question that was dealt with both courteously and efficiently. Oh, the price is also worthy of note – excellent value. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Many thanks.”
Linda, 10 Jan 2010

>>>>See more about Philips HF3463 Wake-Up Light With Radio Alarm (UK only)

>>>>NatureBright Dia2 Blue Light and Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock (US and Canada only)

>>>>learn more about iBoutique Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock (UK only)

Additional Sad Alarm Clock Review Tips

Whether you suffer from winter blues, mild to moderate depression, insomnia, fatigue, or you simply are not a morning person, a sad lamp alarm clock will really change your day.

Do you realise that how you wake up in the morning affects your entire day? You may have had a bad nights sleep and find it difficult to stir when the alarm goes off, or maybe your alarm jolts you out of a deep sleep with blaring music or annoying beep.

What I didn’t realise until recently is that noisy unatural alarm clocks can actually trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response in your body. Humans are programmed to wake up to sunlight, therefore the conventional alarm clock is the complete opposite to a gentle wake-up call from the sun. Nobody enjoys feeling stressed out after a rude awakening from an noisy alarm.

Who else would like to be woken up every morning by dawn sunlight? Sad light sunrise alarm clocks simulate a sunrise right in your bedroom. Seasonal Affective Disorder light boxes are commonly used by people suffering from winter blues, depression, insomnia or other mental health complaints. More and more people that simply don’t like getting out of bed in the morning (i’m one of them) are turning to sad alarm clocks to start off the day in the best possible way.

The benefits of a sad light sunrise alarm clock blue light are vast. Firsly, you will find yourself waking up with energy, as well as feeling relaxed and refreshed. You wont be needing the caffiene intake that you usually require to kickstart your day!

The combined features of a traditional alarm clock with a gradual increase in light is as natural as it gets. The best sad lights also have a sunset feature, great for kids and adults that have difficulty falling asleep.

Who would be without thier snooze button? This is built in to a sad alarm clock, along with a nap timer, a radio and more. If you are a sound sleeper, many light therapy alarm clocks will flash bright light when it is time to get up so that you don’t miss the alarm.

If you are concerned that a light alone will not wake you up, then I would just like to reassure you. Human eyes are very sensitive to morning light because they have been in darkness all night. When our eyes sense this increased ammount of light, a signal is sent to the brain that triggers the production of Serotonin which causes us to slowly wake.

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