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If you are looking for a 10000 lux light box then you are on the right site. If you are in a hurry, here are the links to our best 10000 Lux lamp products on the market in the US, Canada, and UK:

>>>>Find out more about Day Light LUX Wellness Light 10000 LUX (UK only)

>>>>Find out more about Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light (US only)

As you are searching for 10000 Lux Sad Light products, you will already know that it is important to select a SAD light box that has a 10000 Lux output.

You may have seen cheap sad light boxes that have an output of as little as 5,000 Lux. Medical evidence prooves that these weaker bright lights are not effective at treating mental health complaints, including fatigue and depression.

The Sad Light Box Review team have researched, tried and tested several leading lightboxes in the US, Canada and Europe. To explain how we have chosen the above winners, this is our shortlist criteria:

1. Sad Lamp must have 10000 LUX output (excluding sad alarm clocks with dawn simulators.)
2.Products have to be affordable, preferably under £70 or $110.
3. Sad Lamp should be compact and practical for everyday or travel use.
4.Products must have at least a 2 year warranty.
5.Light box bulbs must have a longevity of at least 3 years.

We tested a range of products, from Apollo light boxes to Philips, compact travel light boxes to full spectrum standard size sad lights.

Our team of experts, as well as a carefully selected group of volunteers suffering from a range of complaints from insomnia to Seasonal Affective Disorder chose the Philips goLITE and the SAD Light 10,000 High Lux Lamp as the winners.

The Philips goLITE Blu ticks all of the boxes for us. Philips is definitely a name that can be trusted internationally, and are world reknowned for thier reliablity and customer satisfaction. The goLITE  has a two year warranty which is of course very valuable.

The best part about the goLITE is that it is effective from as little as 15 minutes a day, so it really wont change your lifestyle at all.

The goLITE has a 10000 Lux output, and Philips have added diffussion optics  for softer light to prevent harsh light glare from affecting your eyes.

The Golite is one of the smallest sad light boxes on the market, so easy for travel. It’s also fully rechargable so you can plug in anywhere.

Admittedly, the goLITE is a little on the expensive side at $144.50. For what it is, it is worth the investment. You wont need to buy a new one for at least a decade.

In the UK, the votes were in for the Day Light LUX Wellness Light 10000 LUX. Whilst there are also goLITE lamps available in the UK (click here), the panel and volunteers preferred the Day Light Lux for its simplicity, effectiveness and price.

OK, so this lamp isn’t full of all the bells and whistles that some products have, but is does what it is meant to do, it treats Seasonal Affective Disorder. It has brilliant customer reviews, and is light and slimline too so it is also easy to move and take on your travels.

The features that we really like is that it comes with a wall mountable tripod, so you can put it up in your study or office, saving even more space and allowing easy usage.

Here is just one of many glowing reviews that we have sourced on the Day Light Lux Lamp:

“I originate from South Africa and although I have been in the UK for 10 years now, I still suffer greatly when the days are short and the sky disappears. Recently this has got worse because I work alone from home and my north facing office gets no direct sunlight. I received my daylight lamp a few days ago and what an absolute difference – my office is as bright as a south african sunroom (without the heat!). I dont face the lamp for 20-30 minutes as recommended, I find it very bright and so prefer to have it on a longer time but illuminating the whole room, so it hangs on the wall behind and slightly to the side of me. The white light also makes it really easy to work with computer screens. It seems to clear my mind and give me all the energy that I need to get through a healthy working day. I recommend this to anyone who feels down in the winter – there is really no need to let the darkness get to you!!”
MC, South Africa, 30 Jan 2009

At just £44.99, this 10000 Lux Lamp is really worth it, it’s great value.

>>>>Find out more about Day Light LUX Wellness Light 10000 LUX (UK only)

>>>>Find out more about Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light (US only)

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  1. This is a very good review.
    “Admittedly, the goLITE is a little on the expensive side at $144.50. For what it is, it is worth the investment. You wont need to buy a new one for at least a decade.”
    When it is something to do with your health, itis worth the extra investment.